Approaching photography


Photography is very popular not only because it is easy to get started in,but also there is a ton

of creativity available to express yourself.

Much more complex than the point and click cameras most people use,professional photography has an extensive amount of options that shape your pictures.

When you start approaching photography seriously, you may never see things the same way again.
If your experience with examining things critically.


Photography is an expensive hobby, particularly when you prioritize buying gear.

After buying your first SLR camera, you’ve committed yourself to buying into a “system” of lenses and flashes that work only within the walls of your own brand.

Since its inception, photography has always been one of the most moving ways to preserve history in our rapidly changing modern times. Photos touch people in a way other media can’t.

Both photography and video are both visual arts, but photographs differ in that

they capture merely one frame of what is going on. Yet one frame is all one needs to feel taken back to another time.

Photography is something you get immersed in ,You lose yourself in shooting,

and all your worries and daily stresses just melt away.