Every city has its own charm thanks to its type of buildings,

streets width, surrounding areas and much more.

This gives us the opportunity to view various beautiful different cities that we just can’t get enough of.

The Hague(The Netherlands, Peace Palace)

What Gear Will I Need?

ND and polarising filters and Tripod and a variety of lenses. Consider taking a wide, tele-zoom,fish eye.
City streets are busy places with buses, cars, cyclists and more getting from A-to-B giving you ample opportunity to get creative with your transport

Scilla (Italy)



Brandenburger Tor(Germany)

The BundestagBerlin(Germany)

Museumeiland Berlin (Deutschland)

Museumeiland Berlin (Deutschland)

Gendarmenmarkt Berlin (Germany)

Gendarmenmarkt Berlin (Deutschland)

Gendarmenmarkt Berlin (Germany)




The Hague( The Netherlands)

The Hague(The Netherlands)

Get creative and Add some Light trails to your city shot


The Hague( The Netherland)

Prague( Czech Republic)

The Hague( The Netherlands)

Delft(the Netherlands)

Delft( The Netherlands)

Delft(The Netherlands)



Binnehof (House of Parlament) The Hague

Photograph A Church,Cathedral or Other place worship


You Can’t Ignore Architecture