City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia

City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia

My last citytrip was to Valencia. I have never been to Spain because I thought it is almost similar to Italy. But I have  to admit  that Valencia surprised me.
Valencia makes a differents,  even though it is a big city Valencia is very compact. It is divided in two parts.

The old part with small streets, beautifull old buildings full of history and of course good (tapas) restaurants.

The new part has a very rich modern architecture.

The most impressive part for taken photos of the architecture is at
the  City of Arts and Sciences
a new district which is in the southeast of the center. It is designed by the Valencian architect Santiago Calatrava.
It is an architectural complex composed of five different structures, divided into three thematic areas: art, science and nature.
I choose to take photos by night to have a better reflection with the clear water and also because I love the effect of the light in the night on those big architectural structures.

My Gear :
Canon Eos 5 DMark III
Remote Switch
Manfrotto Tripod.
24- mm Canon wide-angle Lens Ef L.
24 – 105 mm Canon Zoom Lens EF L